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The Wedding Speech – My Sister

4 Oct

My little sister got married yesterday. It was the most amazing day and I can honestly say I have never seen her so happy! She had asked me 6 months ago if I can do a speech for her at the wedding, I reluctantly said yes. Not because I don’t love her but because it is one of my worse fears!! lol speaking in public! Anyway two days before the wedding was here before I knew it and I still had not be able to find the words! I was having a real personal battle with trying to encapsulate all that I felt about my sister, our lives together and who she was. After lots of trauma, a few tantrums and laying on the floor praying to God…………………..¥es I do a rather dramatic side I finally finished it.

So Here it is……………..

For My Sister on Her Wedding Day

Good Evening everyone,I would like to welcome you all and say thank you to Linsey and Neil for allowing us to share their special day.

For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is  Michaela and I am Linsey’s   very proud older sister………….and just in case you were wondering if you heard right, .. you did, its true I am in fact the older sister,.. hard to believe I know,… but that’s enough about me, today its all about my beautiful little sister and her husband.

This is the first wedding in our family, we tend to be a little on the free spirited side of life, and of course there has been the usual tears and tantrums but that was just me trying to write this speech…..

Linsey of course has been the epitome of calm and decorum. its true what they say,” that a deep river runs still”, and that’s  what you get with my little sister. Who On the surface is very glamorous and calm, but  every now and then,  you will get a flash of her depths.

I once read a quote that said” A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life”,  and that is what linsey has been to me.

I was sooooooo excited when linzy was born and even more so when I held her for the first time. She had  Massive blue eyes and as I looked into those huge  eyes  I remember wondering what our lives would hold.

Little did I realise it would mean sleepless nights, sharing a bedroom for the next 18 years, regular loss of my clothes from MY part of the wardrobe, being woken up on Saturday mornings by her singing like a Diva into her fisher price tape recorder to Whitney Housten’s  ‘I will always love you. ..’ and then playing it back over and over again. To be honest I still laugh about that.

In fact I didn’t really mind any of those things. I loved having a little sister and as she got older the more I have grown to love and respect her.  When she was little she was hysterically funny as  she  dressed up in mum’s high heels, scarf and gloves, with make up smeared all over her face, pushing her little dollies around in a pram playing ‘mum’, and  when she was given  Tom, the cat,   it was him who got pushed around wrapped up in the baby blanket,.. poor thing he would stay in that pram for hours on end.

She has always been creative and it appeared at an early age. She loved to draw, she drew all the time, on the wall, on her bedsheets, on my bedsheets, on her arms, up her legs and anywhere else she could reach.  fortunately she also loved to bath! She would spend hours in there, ducking and diving under the water, well it would remove the pen,. but she would end up  so cold that she would  be shivering.

As she has grown older she managed to place her creativity into more constructive things and her talent has taken her through university, on to teaching and  then on to her own ‘linzy lou’ creations,   as for her washing habits I think they are down to normal showering times.

When Linsey met Neil,  I immediately noticed something different about her…. There was twinkle in her eye! One I hadn’t seen before. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I thought to myself.

Although it took Neil a very LONG time to realise what he was missing out on, a few facebook traumas, and a bad hair dye reaction on Linsey before there first date, they finally got together,  and there has been no looking back!

As they have gotten to know each other it has become more apparent to them and everyone else how perfectly suited they are and how well they compliment each other with their shared values and beliefs.

Even her friends from  the village  we grew up in, have  said that  Linsey wasn’t going to just end up with  anyone!

Of the two Sisters, one is always the watcher, one the dancer. Well I am definitely the watcher as I missed out on both co-ordination and rhythm, whereas  Linz is definitely the dancer. She has danced her way through life to her own rhythm.

The world of Linz has always been a place you want to be a part of…. Full of dreams, laughter,music, quirky ideas and God…… it draws you in,… it surprises you, delights you, comforts you and makes you feel special,  and I feel lucky to have been there from the very beginning.

Linsey, she has been there through thick and thin, been my confidant and adviser, Loyal and protective, she has seen me at my best and worse, .. but most of all she has been and always will be my sister.

Neil she will be all of these things to you and more! Today I am not losing a sister but gaining another brother I would love to take this opportunity to welcome you to our family, the adventure begins here……………………………….

Could I ask you all raise your glasses as I propose I toast to Linsey and Neil…….

May your dreams be shared visions, your christian walk be side by side, hand in hand and your love deepen everyday of your lives.

To Linsey and Neil.